Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You had to be there... the best word I could use is "Insulted". I simple felt insulted by the majority of the Council who was unprepared and ill-informed to reach any budget outcome last night. After countless hours in workshop after workshop, it was as if we were starting on page one - exactly where we will start on Wednesday. (If you dare, we really would love to share this sad theater with you on Wednesday.) As we predicted on our first post: politics is this Council's only master. The majority ignore the facts, manipulate the facts, and craft this vision of their own making. It paints our Schools, Teachers, Administrators, and School Committee in dark tones, which insults all their hard work and insults my intelligence. Now we pit the Schools against other Town Departments, and that insults our community and our needs.

Our answer will be a Referendum, which will kick-off in earnest next week. We will have morning and afternoon signing stations at the High School, please plan to attend next Thursday and Friday. We need 1,500 signatures, please do not assume your neighbors will sign and this is not worth your time. We need you, your spouse, and your neighbors. Come up to the High School next Thursday from 6-9AM or from 4-7PM to help us supPORT SCHOOLS!

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