Friday, August 6, 2010

500 to GO!!!

We are well on our way!!! Thank you everyone who is volunteering and everyone who is signing! This is the hardest 500 signatures, the last 1/3. Let's really step up our game and bring this referendum successfully home. We will be up at the High School this afternoon from 4-7, at the Transfer Station from 7:00 tomorrow morning, at Sandy Point Beach from about 8:30 tomorrow, and in your neighborhood! Lets double our effort!

This morning someone from the schools came out to thank me for all our efforts. He expressed how much they all care about the kids in our schools and how they have not sought raises. He reiterated what I know very well, the schools simply do not have extra anything. I, too, thanked him and expressed what I believe we all feel - Portsmouth has the best administrators, teachers and staff. It is an honor to support this group!

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