Monday, August 2, 2010

Where to find the Petition??

Thank You everyone, we are on our way WITH A LONG WAY TO GO! Monday at 5:00 petition volunteers will be at Seveney Field. Tuesday come down and join our rally at Turnpike & East Main (at BankNewport & Clements). And, our Sign & Drive campaign begins Thursday morning at 6:00 - Thursday and Friday 6-9 am and 4-7 pm at the High School.

I spent the weekend canvassing two neighborhoods and enjoyed meeting fellow neighbors. Two of three households were supportive. I could write a book on my weekend experiences... eight kids playing baseball in the front yard and "NO"; well who is going to educate your kids? "I'm sending my kids to private schools!" Do you care about the value of your home? And, far too many too busy gardening, flipping pancakes, painting... to even take the time to sign. We as a society are changing and placing walls around ourselves. Join me in fighting to keep Portsmouth a community!

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