Friday, October 8, 2010

Education in 2010 and beyond

This video was linked to a Portsmouth Patch story yesterday. The challenges facing our students in a global economy are many. This video uses some "fun" facts to highlight our challenges.

In the next week you may hear of the Aquidneck Island Math & Science Academy or AIM for short. I have been interested and researching STEM education for some years, and I will put forth a proposal to develop a "model" Magnet School at Portsmouth High. Stay Tuned...

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  1. The Jamestown Press had a story where the superintendent mentioned something about a potential RI Foundation study for a STEM magnet school in Portmouth, RI. Any additional information about who and what would be appreciated.

    Although many engineers and scientists abhor the term "STEM", anything that offers increased academic rigor in schools would be an improvement. However, the greatest need for this is in K-8 rather than high school. We don't need more programs like "Project Lead the Way" in high school that assume the problem is motivation. We need to fix the low expectations and "No Child Gets Ahead" in K-8. In the world of K-8 differentiated instruction, all that the most able kids get are platitudes and silliness. Even in private K-8 schools, such as Pennfield, they still use poor math curricula like Everyday Math. By high school, where kids can finally get honors and AP classes, the damage is already done for many.

    Lower schools should ask the parents of their best students exactly how much help and tutoring they give at home. It's a whole lot more than turning off the TV or Ipod and making sure that homework gets done. It's about teaching, reteaching, and setting much higher expectations.