Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Final Tally

Precinct 2701 (Prudence Island Fire Station) — Option 1: 51; Option 2: 6

Precincts 2702 and 2703 (Portsmouth Multi Purpose Senior Center) — Option 1: 373; Option 2: 270

Precincts 2704 and 2705 (Common Fence Point Community Hall) — Option 1: 352; Option 2: 197

Precincts 2706, 2707 and 2708 (Portsmouth Town Hall) — Option 1: 604; Option 2: 514

Precincts 2709, 2710 and 2712 (Aquidneck Island Christian Academy) — Option 1: 818; Option 2: 703

The voters spoke in a clear voice. And, the voters absolutely believed they were voting correctly. There is a general tenor of distrust, of anger, and a natural defense to blame an individual or group. The PCC and certain candidates took advantage of that by seeding facts out of context, created innuendo regarding found money, and generally put enough negative in people's hands to play on these difficult times. We can't allow truth to take a back seat to political ideology; and, we need to stand vocally for those candidates that take the time to understand and speak the truth. I believe SOS and everyone associated with us has done that, and I am proud that we stood for an open and honest election.

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  1. There is some confusion in a thread at Facebook on Peter Deffet's page....people who support funding our schools appropriately- the discussion there is primarily about the arts. One thing that was said is that the arts are cut, with some corrections being given by others. I would like a clarification, so that I don't misinform them....the elementary art, music and I am assuming p.e. and library are now only half the year. And the sports at middle and high school will now be cut....that is the way it was explained in the meetings leading up to this. Could you clarify these cuts as true or not true at this time? Thank you. Sandra Hammel