Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Information Night

I want to thank the 75 supporters (and maybe a few non-supporters) who attended our information night.

I also want to thank John McDaid, who is always prepared and did a great job; John presented the budget historically and discussed the current budget situation. My thanks to Terri Cortvriend and Chris Carceller, as well, for their support. And, final thanks to Jim Seveney for his perspective from the Council.

I did call upon Keith Hamilton, who was very good to come up and talk about his perspective. We tried to allow opposition to speak and I unfortunately had to short some of their speeches. But, I thank them for their attendance and ideas.

What is very clear after tonight is we need more parents in the seats, more parents standing for their kids and community - we need you on June 15th to help us deliver a message. See the post below for contact points, Councilor emails, and Letter to the Editor information.


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