Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Organize Organize Organize

In the weeks ahead, we do not expect a sufficient number of Councilors to change their vote (Please remember their names in November). We will make every effort to change their minds in the weeks ahead, this may include a petition for the Public Hearing on July 14th (tentative). But, more importantly we need to prepare a second signature campaign calling for a referendum election later this summer. This election replaced the infamous "Tent Meeting" with an all day election. If we are able to obtain signatures from 10% of the electorate, we can ask the voters to provide their financial support to the Schools. A referendum question or questions will be developed and presented to the Town. We will have only 14 days (closer to 12) to obtain these signatures. If we do not begin the planning process now, we will not be prepared later in July.

So what do we need? We need precinct captains and neighborhood leaders to organize their street(s). We need volunteers to canvass Portsmouth homes. This will be exceedingly difficult based on its mid-summer schedule, but we do not have a choice. We will build a visibility campaign that should be in full force for the Town Meeting on July 14th. Unfortunately, we can not begin to obtain signatures until the budget is finalized. Sometime after the 14th.

Please stay-tuned for organizational meetings and information nights. More will be posted in a few days! Thank you everyone for your continued support and interest. Any interested volunteers can email info@sosportsmouth.com, please list your neighborhood and street.

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