Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SOS Information Night


Information Night

"In the frank expression in conflicting opinions lies the greatest promise of wisdom in governmental action." Louis M. Brandeis

Information Night Agenda

1. Welcome
2. Setting the Tone
3. The Budget Process & Reality & from the Council Perspective
4. Vision of our School District
5. Questions

Thank you for your time this evening and your continued support for Portsmouth Education. We need your help in molding the future of Portsmouth; we need your commitment to show your support for the funding of education. This will mean a few hours listening to our Council and School Committee on June 15th and a few hours listening and possibly speaking at the Financial Town Meeting later this month. But let’s not wait, we collectively need to raise the alarm and notify our neighbors of the threats to our school district. We can do this through direct phone calls, emails, Letters to the Editor, calls and emails to our Councilors, and following the actions of the Council, School Committee and Save Our Schools.

We believe it is critical that we raise the bar and not make this a debate Councilor vs. Parents, Council vs. Parents, or Us vs. Them. We learned from the tent meeting the cost of dividing our town, and we would hate to go through that again. Let’s speak in support of the schools: the conservative budget with an increase of 2.5% over last year’s budget, the importance of strong schools in our community, the importance of extra-curricular activities for all children, the spirit and collaboration driven by sports, and the value we derive from education.

Save the Date

We have no voice unless we can demonstrate our support!
Tuesday, June 15th 7:00 Town Council Meeting
(Plan to arrive at 6:30)

Sites to Follow:
On Facebook: Save the Arts and Sports in Portsmouth RI

Letters to the Editor:
Newport Daily News
Sakonnet Times
Hard Deadlines

Call or Write to the Council:
Peter McIntyre, President 683-0210
Huck Little 683-3232
Keith Hamilton 683-5574
Jeff Plumb 846-9185
Karen Gleason 683-9653
Dennis Canario 683-4926
Jim Seveney 683-3046

Thank you for attending, and we hope to see you on June 15th with your neighbors and friends.

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